Looking back at this piece of content, I’m reminded of the sheer motivation and positive outlook I had, looking forward to 2020. And thankfully as I write this blog, it still remains. Although the global opinion of 2020 will forever be negative, accompanied by the humongous collection of ranging catastrophes, the type of events that played out in my adaptation of this roller coaster ride helped serve as a personal breakthrough.




The prolonged duration of quarantine was a period of getting a perspective check. It made me realize the importance of being grateful for the things that matter most to oneself. To get rid of the noise. To focus on you. To be at peace. To stay uplifted no matter the weather. To live and most importantly, to learn.

Learning and tapping into various avenues made up for a huge part of this period. Life is bigger when you step out of your bubble: and that would be the number 1 lesson I personally learned. From acquiring 3D software skills, to making beats – certain investments in time really assisted in stepping up my game overall.

Release Date: December 30, 2019