Abstract Form

Being a design enthusiast, I’ve had a huge inclination towards abstract compositions and minimal artworks. The many intricacies in these pieces that can be used as a medium to express one’s thoughts, feelings, anxieties, highs and lows gave me an opportunity to take a step back and reflect about the numerous simple (and complicated) ways one can tell a story without any hesitation whatsoever. I always look back on this piece to observe and re-observe the skeleton of those gracious spring waves encased in that uneven, partially open eggshell. Art is powerful indeed.

This piece in particular is purely a 3D abstract composition, modeled and rendered in Blender 2.8 – inspired by one of Ducky 3D’s most sought after tutorials on modeling, but with my spin on it. Primarily considered as one of the earlier experiments in my collection of Blender works, this was solely created for the purpose of practice and getting a hang of the many modifiers built in the software. Although this minimal composition took just a little over 10 minutes to make, due to the less amount of exposure and knowledge I possessed at that time: led me to have unnecessary rendering assets enabled which spiked up the rendering duration by 2 times. Safe to say that I’ve been more aware about the workflow and figuring my way around the Blender viewport.




Nevertheless, there’s always room for more abstract pieces and telling greater stories. Still in the process of getting a hold of expressing myself and my thoughts through 3D modeling/rendering which would take a while but worth the wait!

Release Date: January 4, 2020