Bugatti Chiron 2017

Right here is my take on the Bugatti Chiron 2017. Modeled entirely in Blender 2.8 and rendered using the software’s real-time rendering engine, Eevee. The process of modeling took about a good whole week since this was my very first attempt at modeling a live vehicle, that too with pure intuition and the amount of knowledge I possessed at the time – all without referring to any tutorial whatsoever. Just pure gut instinct. For an amateur on the come up, this project specifically was a risky roll of the dice.

Upon close inspection is a visual evidence of horrible topology and unorganized base meshes. Although that isn’t something one would be typically proud of, in my honest opinion it does provide credibility while documenting the progress. The tricky aspect of the whole process was modeling the rims as it played a rather intricate part in the building of the vehicle. That doesn’t end there. For someone to say that this model was extruded from a single plane and getting a subdiv modifier slapped on would take anyone by surprise.


Lacking a certain level of self-awareness about the appropriate workflow of modeling an automobile was the crucial factor that held this project back from achieving its complete potential. It really goes to show how much attention one has to pay especially to the nitty gritty details to bring a particular product to life. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for the numerous flaws in this project that heavily contributed to refine my modeling techniques and workflow but most of all, helping me grow as an up and coming 3D Artist.

Release Date: July 16, 2020