Hummer H2

Polymodelling a vehicle was one of the most time-testing complex challenges that I wanted to overcome while learning 3D. Here are some stills of from the project: a Hummer H2 Pickup Truck; modeled entirely from scratch and rendered in Blender’s real-time rendering engine, Eevee. The main essence of this project was to improve upon the nitty gritty aspects of technical modeling required to accurately build a vehicle and to also develop an understanding of the importance of having appropriate topology. Modeling and applying materials on the vehicle took about 8 hours flat. Creating other assets for the environment such as roads, street lamps and barricades were done in less than an hour. Environment lighting was aided with the help of an HDR.



Texturing and UV Unwrapping the road was done with the help of some royalty free textures available on Some notably challenging aspects of the whole project was nailing the accuracy of the vehicle’s side skirts, bonnet and trunk. A fun touch to the stills was post-processing them with smoke in Adobe Photoshop CC.


Release Date: September 12, 2020