Tyrannosaurus Rex: Remastered (JW:FK 2018)

“The Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) – REMASTERED”

This particular body of work was a challenge, let alone having the thought of remastering it. After being put on hold multiple times due to scheduling conflicts, I’m finally able to deliver what I’ve been holding back. Happy to say that this right here, is all me. From poly-modeling, sculpting to texturing & posing. All done 100% in Blender. Enjoy!

Sculpted in Blender 2.8
Texture painted in Blender 2.8
Animation rendered in EEVEE
Stills rendered in Cycles



© All soundtrack rights go to Michael Giacchino & Universal Studios – “At Jurassic World’s End”

© 2020 Joel Daniel

Release Date: December 21, 2020