The Quarantine Zone

The Quarantine Zone: quite literally since this isometric space was modelled after my bedroom, where I was initially (and currently) quarantined. With the use of a handful of creative license, I was able to give my room a little too much of a makeover. A simple yet aesthetic piece of content dedicated to the space that cultivated plenty of emotions, ideas, thoughts and feelings. With a few elements brushing upon my musical taste and science fiction fantasies as a tool to physically and subtly represent who I am and my personality.



Modeling the scene took about 2 hours whereas certain details such as the clock, trash can, pot and books took just a little over half an hour. UV Unwrapping and shading the floor and table was pretty straight forward with assistance from Blender 2.8’s “Smart UV Project” feature that gets a minute-worthy job accomplished in seconds.


Release Date: September 1, 2020